Thursday, December 29, 2011


Two posts, one day. Try not to die of shock...

Showing off the slightly-more-than-half-finished Lissajous from Knit.Sock.Love by Cookie A. Check out those charts!! The second one has been SOOOO much easier!

Only other knitters have even the vaguest idea of what an act of fortitude it was for me to cast on the second sock.... The first is so very lovely, but it was so hard and took so long.... I SO wanted to wind another sock yarn and start something else! Something not quite so tall!! Just started yesterday and have finished the medallion at the top already. I am motoring through it, partly as an act of sheer determination. Partly because the picture above shows what "working from home" looks like on the evening shift.

Shh, don't tell.

Look what we got!!

Office!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hear angels singing. How about you, do you hear angels singing?? It is the most perfect office, ever!

Here is the view left from my desk. I work in a call center and about every other week I work the entire week from home in the evenings. If I didn't have a tv for the hours between 7PM and 10:30, I would go stark raving mad.... And see the beautiful cat bed- er, futon? IKEA, I love you.

View of my desk from the door. Soothing blue, desk lamp- the latest addition, pets and signs of pets. Happiness in my brother's former bedroom.

And, saving the best for last, the view behind me at my desk. That is right, it is YARN STORAGE. Knitter heaven. The Mom and I share, which is not any hardship at all. This is more space than we ever DREAMED we would have. Sigh. Heaven.

I love IKEA. Have I mentioned that before??