Thursday, September 24, 2009

Alpaca makes my nose tickle.

But look how pretty it is!! This is the Minimalist Cardigan, and I can't WAIT for it to be done! I am going to LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sweater!! The color is almost right in this picture, but I can't capture the beautiful variation in the blue/green. (Interesting thing that I didn't pick up on until after my last post, btw.... Blue-y and green-y both passed the spell check without a blip.... Just thought about it later and marvelled.) There are threads of electric blue and strands of a green that is just bottle glass. I am really pleased with the yarn for the price. Heck, I would be thrilled with the quality and pulchritude even if it had cost more.... Especially since it was a Christmas present and I wasn't the one paying for it.... :-)

Here is a shot of one piece of the long-awaited Kingscot Cardigan: This one is REALLY hard to photograph with any degree of reality or loveliness. I got one pic that looked like it had blue warts.... Scrap heap for that one! On the other hand, this is actually a pretty good representation of the color. Just slightly more grey than navy blue, just a smidgen lighter than midnight. How I love color.... It really is quite beautiful. However, I would much rather be knitting than seaming, so it has been moved to the back burner. I need to do something about that soon.... I want to wear my new sweater! Even if it is 89 degrees at 8PM today!!

Here is some knitting fun. My mom started a knitting club sort of thing at her school. (This is at the coffee shop, however. Way better than meeting at the school on Saturday. This ain't Breakfast Club!)She teaches International Baccalaureate students, and they have to do so many hours of service. It is required that they learn something new and at the same time do something for someone else. So, we are meeting weekly to teach them to knit so they can make scarves and helmet liners for soldiers in Afghanistan. I don't know about them, but I have been having a blast! It has taken me to the age of 38 to have high school students think I am cool.... There is probably something a little sad about that....

I leave you with a slightly blurry image of pure cat attitude. Man, she is a great cat!


Karen said...

Sneaky daughter! Taking pictures without prior knowledge... but isn't my student lovely?

lunaticraft said...

Can't wait to see the two sweaters finished. They look beautiful!