Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Where the *bleep* is Spring??

It is cold and rainy and crappy here. And my mood is reflecting the weather right now! I know that in the north, talk of Spring waits until around May to start, but MAN it should be here in Hell's armpit NOW. NOW NOW NOW!!!! Instead, we are expecting snow. Ick.
Aren't you glad that I posted today??

I would show another picture of Peasy, but it looks much the same as it did last time. I swear I am measuring centimeters this time.... How could this possibly be taking so long? I have discovered that 22cm isn't even 9". And STILL I am not done! Last measure I had gotten to about 16cm. I thought I would have this done this past weekend!

In much more exciting news, the Mom and I have delved deeper into lace knitting obsession! She finished her Haruni (I blocked it) and it is a stunning masterpiece. Ohh, la la! I am DYING to start this one with some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in Ginger Snap that I bought just for the purpose.... If only my size fours weren't currently caught in a metric measurement nightmare.....

We also have made a great discovery. Lisa Souza Lace Weight yarn. Her skeins come in a great yardage of 2520! That is MORE than enough to knit a large shawl and probably a small one.... Great bargain for the 32$ price tag. So what we did was this: The Mom ordered this color- And I ordered this one- She will make the Aeolian Shawl from hers with silvery beads, and I will make (probably) Bitterroot with iridescent beads. Then we will switch leftovers. Aren't we clever??


Susan L (lily40au) said...

i'm trying hard to get my knitted lace happening ... but crowded trains every day are making that really hard.

lunaticraft said...

2520!! Oh my goodness, that is a deal!

Stay positive about the weather! We still have a foot and a half of snow on the ground here, with more to come. =D I'm actually loving it, to be honest, but then again, I am northeast born and bred! =D

And good luck with the metric-measurment nightmare. You can do it!

sanjeet said...

anyone who knits lace shawls cannot be a number moron. true fact.
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