Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Can you be SAD backwards?

Is there any such thing as Seasonal Affective Disorder in reverse? It is close to 100 degrees here again today, the latest of many such days, and the perceived temp is 105. It is weighing me down, seriously. I can barely function!! How did anyone do this in hoop skirts and corsets??


Kate! said...

Didn't they faint all the time?

Heat sucks. I hate those people that can look pulled together in hot weather- I just look like a wilted weed!

Laurie said...

I definitely think I have Reverse SAD. Once the temps get much over 80, I get a headache and nausea and become depressed and irritable. Even having central air doesn't help because I...can't...go...outside... Miserable, miserable summer...I'm praying for fall and winter when I can breathe again.

Spinster Beth said...

I wonder about that too! I like to watch old movies and the women were always so overdressed. Just the thought of putting on a slip or corset or girdle is bad enough, but in 90 percent humidity? Awful!