Monday, June 23, 2008

Knitting binge.

Ok, so I haven't managed to post in ages because I have barely put down the knitting needles or the Ravelry forums most of this month!! See to your left the completed home-made blocking board on its inaugural run, showcasing the lovely first Lizard Ridge square. It worked VERY well, the block dried in less than a day this time! Lets hear it for moisture wicking qualities! Exciting stuff....
I have knitted and knitted on the Lizard Ridge until I have only three skeins of my birthday yarn left. I have enjoyed myself immensely, though, so I consider it well worth it! Trying to prolong my pleasure, I took a break, however, and knit....
An entire sweater for Brenda's granddaughter. It has turned out great, except for the truly frightening neon green color she chose. That green puts highlighters to shame. It hurts me. The sweater, almost completely sewn together, is very cute.... And too small. Fortunately, Brenda has three granddaughters, two of whom are smaller than Zadian! We are going to re-order yarn and start over on a larger size! I am so glad that Brenda likes it.... Zadian wanted to keep it today even though the pink sleeve isn't sewn closed yet! No finer compliment, that!
To be fair, abject poverty did give me some extra time to work on various and sundry knitting projects... I think the trip to Italy has been longer for those left behind than those seeing the sights!
I am gonna go block another square!! Whoopie!!!

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