Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Christmas in July.

It seems like an odd time to become obsessed by Christmas, but I was checking out my queue on Ravelry today, and I have a LOT of knitting to do before the big day. I mean a MOUNTAIN of knitting before me.... I decided to get everything ordered in my head, to try to make sure that I get the knitting done, so here we go:
1. Brenda's grand-daughter's Color Block Cardigans- they have to come first because she has paid for the yarn and will pay for the knitting. They go pretty quickly, thank goodness!
2. Ian's B-for-Butthead sweater- I know, I know I am not allowed to actually put a B on it, but that is what I choose to call it.... I am going to get the supply list to Susan this week.
3. Lauren's Adventure Bag- in red as ordered... :-) That one should be a pretty quick knit, too, though lining it will be its own adventure!
4. Sean's Sock Monkey Hat- quick and fun, and involving very little yarn.
5. Susan's Clapotis- no that is not a social disease, it's a shawl. She has mentioned wanting one, and this one is pretty and basic. I am not up to massive lace knitting, especially with a queue like this!!
6. Vintage Bubble Bags for all! I still haven't decided who and how many people are getting these, but they are on the list.
And that is it. I am not knitting for a bunch of people who won't appreciate it.... I have done too much of that in the past! I have to decide what to do for a bunch of other people, but that is probably all the knitting I can handle.
I looked for a group on Ravelry where I could organize this mess and talk to people about it, but they all looked cutesy. Nothing against them, but it wasn't the kind of thing I am looking for. I will work it out here, talking to myself! That is what that is for, after all, right??

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