Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Eaten by a giant mound of knitting.

Of course, instead of finishing something that is already mostly ready to be delivered, I started a new project last night... I cast on the first of two felted slippers for UJ for Christmas. I am apparently allergic to finishing anything. Oh, well, at least the first one is going fast. I am very skeptical that this isn't going to be so very tiny that He Who Must Be Kept couldn't wear it, but we shall see. I am felting the first one before I cast on the second. (Or is that a mistake? Will that result in two radically different sized slippers? Hmmm, something to ponder.)

Does it seem weird that the only socks I have made have all been gigantic? The very first one was Roberta's stocking, and now giant socks for felting.... I seem to have a thing for gigantic socks.

Stephen (from work) and I coined a new term today, finding "second sock syndrome" to be a bit cumbersome. We have decided to call it Sock-holm Syndrome. I like it. I think it could catch on. You know you are a knitter when you have coined a phrase.... even if no-one else uses it!

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