Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Almost finished objects....

I had a terrible first day back at work. Wage garnishment, spilled coffee, pseudo ephedrine.... Need I say more? Instead of talking about the terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day from HELL, I shall show some happy nearly finished objects. Sounds reasonable, right?

First is Ishbel. I love Ishbel. It is a happy rainbow of a project, at a time when that was very welcome knitting! I made the small size for the stockinette section and the large for the lace, the opposite of what everyone on Ravelry seems to be doing.... I am such a rebel! But the lace is the pretty part, so I wanted more. This turned out to be a slight tactical mistake, since I ran out of yarn three rows before the end of the last pattern section. Damn. I ordered what I considered to be the closest colorway from Webs (cause, like a ding dong, I didn't record the number from the colorway ANYWHERE....) and set it aside to wait. Have we talked about my lack of patience?
Long story short, when it came, it was WAY off from the colors. Thank goodness for the not-quite-local yarn store, because they had the same colorway when we stopped by there post-zoo. Pshew! Now I have an extra skein of untouched Silk Garden Sock, with nothing to do with it.... I was thinking maybe if I stick to BOTH sections in the small measurement, I could get an Ishbel Christmas present out of it. Especially since I am poor now.... Sigh.

That is not to even mention the 98.9% of the original color that I have left from the mere three rows that I had to use it for!! Ah, the possibilities!
In the meantime, here is my "In Progress" shot of my Nanners, taken for the KAL on Ravelry. How did I survive before Ravelry?? Now that I look at it, doesn't it look like a giant yellow boomerang? This one came out pretty tight. I am not ripping out, however, since I can get the silly things on my feet.... Ripping is saved for totally-can't-use-this-for-anything-short-of-a-coaster size, not my-look-how-that-stretches-unattractively-over-my-ankle size! I am rocketing along on the second sock, loving the pattern because it is SO easy to memorize. I may make a pair of black Nanners just for fun when I am done, maybe in a slightly bigger size.... Sock love.

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