Sunday, July 19, 2009

I heart my sewing machine.

It is true. Every time I use my sewing machine, I just love it more.... I know that it wears me out. I know that I neglect it, leaving it in its case for shameful periods of time. Heck, if the American Craft Council ever heard the way I treat the poor thing, they would probably send around the Serge Protectors to take it away to a better home.... All for its own good. But today, I remember how I love the silly beast, and I vow to do better! I will use the 200 tutorials and patterns that I have collected in the past few weeks. I will keep the machine lovingly covered, protected from all manner of foreign matter. I will make beautiful things! I promise this time.... I will be worthy of you, sweet machine!
On that note:
I found a great Tutorial by Oh, Fransson! that showed how to neatly and systematically piece a random-seeming quilt block using freezer paper. I love that tutorial! It was clear and systematic... and worked like a charm!
See? Here is the block for the bag sides for my moms Pieced Patchwork Bag by Amy Butler. The first picture is the blocks all cut up, waiting for my sewing machine to do its magic! I finished piecing and ironing today, but that was all I could handle.
When I went to the store for my supplies yesterday, I was seduced by a bolt of olive green linen. I was powerless to resist its' lure. Since my Socialite Dress pattern hasn't come yet, I was also forced to buy a Very Easy, Very Vogue pattern to go along with the three yards of loveliness that came home with me.... The first weekend in August, that pattern and I have a date!
I have been plugging away at the Nanner sock, number two. Since the fit is so bad, I am having trouble maintaining any enthusiasm for the job. Only the promise of getting to start another pair has kept me going. I have a black-ish skein of Dream in Color Smooshy that I think would make a lovely, squishy, well-fitted pair of Nanners.... I am using it like the carrot at the end of the stick!
My mother and I have gotten completely obsessed with the first season of Heroes. We were the only two people who watched Studio 60, which came on opposite the first season, so we hadn't been able to get into it until now. My brother bought the first season yesterday, and we are currently in the middle of episode number 7.
Other than that I have only a bit of gratuitous fun to offer:
1. Maggie and the new (empty) dog food bag from today's groceries.
and 2. A pale imitation of the scene that was outside my back door the other morning.
I just couldn't capture the incredible sparkle of the light on the dew before the light was gone.... It would have made a GREAT picture, but this one will remind me....

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