Saturday, January 2, 2010

In which the Nerd fails to buy a car....

So, I tried to buy a car today. They wouldn't finance me without a co-signer. The credit bureau is working out to be my arch nemesis. Everybody needs an arch nemesis, right? Oh, well. Plan B, I guess. (What is it that they say about starting the year the way you intend to go on....? Bodes well....)It was cute, though, huh?

I am having a GREAT New Year, so far, despite the lack of cute new car. I am back to my Socks from the Toe Up knit-along, and I started the Rivulets sock yesterday. (The picture is from Wendy Knits herself, since I am still having the computer issues that keep me from uploading pictures!) I knit half a sock yesterday! I am completely amazed!! We sat down and watched a couple of movies as a nerdy holiday celebration, and I got my knit on. I am using Celestial Bounce by the Knit Witch that I got at SAFF, which I am very impressed with. I had never used any of her yarn before....
Next, since we know how much I hate finishing anything, I will move back to my two-right-sides Cuzco cardigan.... It is too fantabulous to let languish any longer. I have to just figure out how I REVERSED the reverse-shaping directions and ended up with two right sides.... Unbelievable.
Ok, so I apparently lied about this one being about Christmas knitting. I am just happy to be blogging!!
Happy New Year! I am off to procure chicken nuggets, having gotten the traditional dinner under out belts!

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