Sunday, January 31, 2010

Snag number one- with knitting photos!

Ok, so I have hit a snag with the new computer, and I can sum it up in one question: What the F*&$ is DEP???? I tried to upload photos to Flickr this morning and my computer is saving me from that malicious program by sending Data Execution Prevention into action. There are instructions for disabling that for a given application that sound oh-so-easy. Lies!! Nobody can tell me what program to choose from the list to disable this diabolical security feature for. So, back to the elaborate schemes for getting photos uploaded!

Step one- import the photos to the computer.

Step two- email them to mom.

Step three- look in mom's email only to find that the email didn't go through on her computer because they were attachments. (Goodness knows we have to be saved from ourselves.)

Step four- Open MY email and find the attachments in my sent email.

Step five- open the attachments and discover that Nero, the only photo viewer on my mom's computer, doesn't allow you to SAVE the stupid photos.

Step six- choose save instead of open.

Step seven- search in vain for the photos in any of the folders on my mom's stupid vista machine.

Step eight- discover if you right click on the download screen, it will let you "open the destination folder."

Step nine- drag the photos to her desktop.

Step ten- FINALLY upload to Flickr.

Seriously, ten steps just to get these photos to Flickr. I am already exhausted.

Here is my sequence of photos from this morning's finished Rivulet photo-shoot. (And I just discovered that this stupid new thingie won't let me REARANGE photos that I upload. WHY did they have to "improve" windows???? I tried Firefox, too, and still can't drag the photos beyond what I can see on the screen, which means that I can only re-arrange them in the TINY window that I can see. AHHHHHHH!!!!!)

Anyway, enjoy the steps of the doggie filled photo-shoot that started this whole thing today!

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Anonymous said...

boo to annoying computer stuff. yea! to dogs, socks, and photos!