Wednesday, May 19, 2010

All the Knitting News that's fit to print.

1. Gave away the Swallowtail Shawl. It was for my friend Julie's wedding. I hope that she liked it.... I have the terrible feeling that it wasn't enough for a wedding present now that it has gone to its forever home. I sincerely hope that is silly talk, since I know it was very beautiful! I am probably just sad to have to send it away.... Like a puppy fostered and now in its new home. Happy and sad at the same time!

2. Blocked Haruni.
Monday on my day off... I had worried that this wasn't going to be big enough, but now that I have stretched the CRAP out of it on the blocking wires, I think it is beautiful! I renew my vow of love for the yarn, and am glad for having ripped it out to prevent the hard line. Now it is nearly perfect. I left out some of the last chart as my only intentional modification, because I think that the cherry blossoms get to be too grid like towards the end. I wish it was a tiny bit longer, but over all, I think editing helped more than hurting! Now I just need a new outfit to wear it with!!

3. Made steady progress on Aeolian. This may take the rest of my life. There are approximately 4549 stitches in every row now. That is just a guess, but it has GOT to be close to that!! No pictures, because on the needles it still looks like an amorphous purple blob.

4. Plugging away at sock number two.
To get in the spirit, I have painted my toenails the same color. :-)

I published this on 5-23-10. I think that since I started the post on 5-19, it is going to show that as the date....


Where the nodding violets grow said...

Gosh, you have worked really hard. I love the sock and the shawl hanging from the tree. How beautiful. Well done.

Kara said...

Wow, Haruni is a stunner! And I am your friend is in love with her wedding present. What a lovely and special thing to get for your wedding.