Sunday, May 23, 2010

Maggie's Day Out.

Maggie got to go on a field trip yesterday! I think we may have been more excited than she.... She went to Petsmart for a bath and nail clipping. And because it is true, I am a dork, here is a pictorial record of my dog's field trip.

Here is the disloyal little bitch pining desperately for The Mom when she left us in the car for five minutes. You would have thought she had been left to fend for herself with the dog catcher the way she whined and stared at the door, just waiting for the person she REALLY likes to come out!!

This is her trying to go with the groomer the minute that we walked in. She is so friendly it is hard to hold her back. This photo, by the way, got me a what-the-hell-is-that-nut-taking-pictures-of stare from the groomer...

And that terrible, blurry snapshot is the best I could do for an after shot. She was SO wound up that she didn't hold still for a second..... Nothing to see really, since she didn't LOOK stinky. Doggie love!

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