Monday, June 14, 2010

I don't trust meteorologists.

This is how hot they SAY it is going to be today.... But it is how hot that it said it was going to to be yesterday, too. The heat index at 6PM yesterday was 108. that is right, ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT DEGREES. That is evil hot. It turns out that I now live on the surface of Mercury and nobody told me. It is so hard to knit under these circumstances....

Which explains the fact that I don't seem to be on track to finish ANYTHING ever again. I am apparently in a spot where I would rather start things than finish them.... Passiflora is passe. I have gotten to the confusing part of the neck and don't wanna work on it anymore.... Aeolian has fallen by the wayside. In the middle of a row, no less. It is exhausting to work rows so very, very long, and I don't have the patience for it! This one will probably bite me in the butt later, halfway through that row, and so close to being done.... Sigh.

No, instead, I cast on Scylla socks in my beautiful rainbow Mini Mochi. They are so cute, and true to the color changing nature of the yarn, I can't stop knitting on them until the next color is here, then the next, and the next.... Except that we got the incredible Origami yarn from Berroco on Saturday in a completely financially ill-advised trip to the beach, and I could not resist casting on the cutest t-shirt in it. Something about the colors really appeals to me today. I am like a magpie, flitting from color to color, apparently!

Begin the justification:
1. I needed a portable project for the car trip to the beach. What is better for that than socks??
2. The Mom is working on her Origami t-shirt like a speed demon, getting it ready for her July 7th trip to Paris. I can't go to Paris, but I can't let her get ahead of me on the t-shirt, right?
3. Passiflora is made out of thick, fluffy wool and silk. Very pretty, but HOLY COW is it hot here! Who could stand to have that in their lap right now?
4. You are talking to a woman who today deleted her network card on her work computer, by accident. Is that the woman you want working the rocket science charts of the Aeolian shawl?

For the next post, I am going to call myself to accountability. I am going to drag out and photograph all the works in progress that I have going and decide what to do with them. I probably won't take action until after this t-shirt craze dies down, but it is always good to know where you stand, right? Now if only I would apply the same logic to my personal finances!


Virginia said...

Oh hey! You're in Florence! I know Florence... We used to stop there when driving to Florida from Virginia and eat at Morrison's. I miss Morrison's SO MUCH. Is the chain still in existence?

Sorry about the heat. I'll send you some of our cool weather (67 in NYC).

ImplausibleYarn said...

I think we must use the same meteorologist 'cuz mine lies to me today also.