Monday, January 3, 2011

10 Shawls in 2010

Everyone is doing 2010 recaps, and suddenly I got jealous. I have decided to recap by gathering together images of dubious quality of my shawls crafted all within the bounds of the year just past...

Here they are! Ten shawls in various stages of completion.... I didn't get to keep them all, some went to good homes, but they are all my babies!!

Citron- soft, gossamer and wearable.

Swallowtail- Julie's wedding shawl.

Haruni- the most complicated thing I had made to date. Why haven't I worn this 100 times already??

Hanami- would have passed through a wedding ring if not for the beads. Wore it today!

Aeolian- award-winning, what more can I say?

Annis- most worn shawl of 2010, at least at my house....

Skuld- I ADORE this shawl, if only I could figure out what to wear traffic-cone orange with!! What will make it look NOT-Halloweeny?

Little Arrowhead- turned out so much better than I ever expected. Nobody deserves it more than Roberta!

Saroyan- fun construction, blocked so well.... So HEAVY here in the land of sweating in the wintertime.... (And sideways. Don't ask me, I only work here.)

Arabella- last but not least! Seriously, need to block this. I already love it and it can only get better!!

And the first of 11 in 2011 has already begun! I have broken out the luscious Malabrigo Sock in Stonechat for Damask. I hope this pattern and this great yarn work together! I love the pattern and don't want the variegation to obscure its complexity.... Or the patterns complexity to take away from the beautiful color pooling taking place in this rich color combo.... We shall see!

I am feeling pretty excited about the possibilities!


~RaenWa~ said...

Congrats on your 10 beautiful shawls. Can't wait to see how many you make in 2011.

Akitombo said...

Congrats, I wish I could knit such beatiful things so fast.
Have a Happy 2011 Jennifer, its a new decade; which is good for challenging yourself :)

Keep Calm and Knit on

Kara said...

Now that is a recap! What an amazing accomplishment. They are stunning.