Monday, March 7, 2011

Jennifer or Weeble? You decide.

It turns out to be REALLY hard to take a picture of ones-self with a zoom-lens bearing DSLR camera. Fun, huh, how it looks like I have a giant round belly that nearly eclipses my tiny, far away feet? It may be the internet's most flattering picture....

Anyway, I finished the Bondi in Berroco Origami. It is entirely too cold to be wearing a summer weight sweater, but I couldn't resist! I love it! I don't know why I put it aside.... The pieces knitted right up, all I had left to do was knit on the neck edge and sew the thing together.... But there it sat for almost a year.... I have to have something to wear on our yarn tourism outings for the warmer months!

Ohhhh, and look what came in the mail today! Shakespeare in Lace, the Venice yarn! So beautiful.... Now what was I working on again??


Laurie said...

Lovely sweater, and incredible new yarn, but...I never knew you were nine feet tall!! LOL!

birthknits said...

Sweater and yummy new yarn - awesome! And ever since reading Alice in Wonderland, I've always wished I could do that telescoping body thing. (jealous)