Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Tale of Two Yarns.

I have decided to take some artistic license today with the Knit and Crochet Blog Week Day one prompt.... I am making "A Tale of Two Yarns" work with my current project, the Lace Saddle Tee from Inteweave Knits. Watch, I can make it happen....

Ok, so here is the yarn I am working with, Louet Euroflax in a lovely emerald green. Seriously, it is emerald, not teal. I CANNOT take a true-to-color photo of this yarn. (Maybe it has a touch of non-photo green to it? My own personal green-screen.) I love linen. I buy lots of linen clothes, love the flow and drape, love the crumpled, casual feel.... Wouldn't you think that I loved working with linen yarn for the very first time? Sadly, as I believe many have discovered before me, linen yarn sucks. Sucks! It is like knitting with fine gauge kitchen twine! Any slub in the texture leaves a huge hole when the stitch won't even up with it's little friends. The fabric could be used to scrub pots. My fingertips are so sore that it has become a slog. I may be getting arthritis in my right index finger. Not to mention that it has absolutely no bloom, so it is working up like a mesh shirt from the Madonna Lucky Star era!

(Here is how I make it work with the two yarns theme... You have been so patient.)

HOWEVER, I am led to believe by a score of Ravelers that this yarn will undergo a magical transformation into the soft, smooth, supple fabric I so love. All I have to do is trust the kind knitters who have gone before me, trust that they will not lead me astray when they tell me to PUT IT IN THE WASHING MACHINE. AND THE DRYER. EEEEKKKK! Can I do it? Can I perform this magic trick, transforming from twine to divine?

So you see, Euroflax is not a single yarn. It is the werewolf of yarn! Two-natured!

So, imagine the below picture in its more verdant reality, and see all the progress made, what could potentially be destroyed by running it through the WASHING MACHINE.

The first lace saddle shoulder is finished. Onward, then, to pick up approximately 1000 stitches for the right arm. Me and the werewolf yarn....

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