Monday, August 17, 2009

How did I forget?

Remembering things I never should have forgotten was the theme of my weekend...

First, I FINALLY got the software to download the contents of my iPod to my iTunes so that I could synch them up.... About four years ago, I had a catastrophic hard drive crash which necessitated a new computer, ergo new iTunes. If I had synched the iPod with the new computer, it would have wiped out all the music on the iPod in favor of the shiny new (read: empty) iTunes library. It has been sheer laziness that has kept me from doing anything about it since I did some research a while back and found out which program to use.... It took WAY longer than I expected, but I am synched once again!! I feel so... together.

During the process of weeding out the duplicates (3G worth!) after the hours long download from the iPod, I remembered how much I love music. I do occasionally forget that, strange as it may seem.... The radio stations around here SUCK, seriously, so I don't get excited day to day by the car trip to work.... And I fall out of the habit of listening to my own favorites sometimes. Shameful, really, since the music is at my fingertips daily. But, as I was deleting three copies of things like Girlfriend in a Coma by The Smiths, I had that falling-in-love-again feeling with music. Sigh.

All brought on, in a round-about fashion, by the Indigo Girls. You see, when I heard they were coming, I thought, Ohh, I have to get their new album. If only there was some way to put it on my iPod. Gee, I guess I will have to finally spend the ENTIRE weekend getting that darned thing downloaded.... See how that works?? Now I have the new album (I don't care. I know it is a CD. I still call it an album. Deal with it.) just waiting to be imported. I am overcome with music anticipation! I guess I am drawing out the experience, since I bought it yesterday and didn't get it done....

And in the midst of all that brouhaha, I finished the Mockery Socks and went back to my lost love, the Kingscot Cardigan. How did I forget how much I love the sproingy yarn? How did I forget how well it is turning out, despite my mis-turned cable? How did I forget what size I am making?? Anyway, I am back in love again with that knitted piece of lusciousness.... And motoring away to have it completed in time for SAFF. I finished the back, which was almost done when it was callously cast aside in favor of sock knitting, and started the front yesterday. Matt and I watched Cloverfield, which was so intense that I positively FLEW through three inches of ribbing for the left front! I was so wound up when it was over that I did three more inches before going to bed!! (I may rue that decision, being here at work at the crack of dawn, however.)

I love knitting. I didn't forget that!


lunaticraft said...

Oh, the Indigo Girls. They are powerful in ways you'd never imagine! =D

Lene said...

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for reading and commenting. I will post pictures of the mittens as soon as I have put the finishing touches. They just need to marinate a bit yet ;-)