Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Strange days.

If it tells you anything about this week, I had to ask someone yesterday if it was Tuesday.... because I couldn't remember having lived through Monday. Is that pathetic??
Good things about Wednesday:
1. I could win one hundred and eighty-six million dollars today in the lottery. Don't laugh. It could happen.
2. There are only two more days left in the week to get up and get dressed for work. Getting dressed and actually going are the hard part... Once I am there, it is all down hill!
Sorry, that is all I could think of. I thought there were going to be more.

I have started the mental countdown for SAFF, which I am pretty excited about. T-minus twelve weeks and counting! I have some decisions to make, quickly. First, what will I wear? Everyone was wearing lovely handknit items last year, and I felt very left out! I have the Beachcomber Tunic, whose bloom has not worn off, so that will definitely be making the trip. Tunic love! I also have the Kingscot cardigan on the needles, which I am now feeling a desperate urge to finish. I think socks may take the back burner for a few weeks.... Though I am still lovin' me some socks! And I have all that great new sock yarn to use..... See Jennifer get distracted that easily by shiny new yarn.

Second, what will I be wanting to buy at that point? And what will I have the budget for? Fingers crossed for that winning Wednesday lottery ticket!! This weekend, I seriously need to sit down with a spreadsheet and figure out what I ALREADY have the yarn for and get some thinking done as to what is a yarn want and what is a yarn need. Don't be silly. There ARE yarn needs! Seriously!

To the end of determining immediate yarn needs, I have made an essential purchase. I finally broke down and bought Kim Hargreaves' Breeze. I love every pattern in the book except for the one on the cover. And the hats. For some reason I have no interest in hats.... I finally couldn't resist. The new Classic Elite books and the Non-Norah Berroco books will just have to wait, 'cause I can't afford any more books, but I HAD to have Breeze. With a passionate longing. And now it will be mine! When it is finally shipped from Webs.
Here are my two MUST knit patterns, Frankie and Devon:
Frankie is a boyfriend sweater. Look beyond the silly styling for a moment. (I mean, seriously! Is there anyone out there that can picture me dressed like a French spy from WWII??) This is a sweater that calls out to all my hermit, nesting ways. Anything that I can throw on with my (momentarily ailing) overalls wins in my book, and this may be the quintessential overall cardigan. (All of which says a GREAT deal about my sense of style!)
And, as a child of the eighties, I am powerless in the face of Devon. I shamefacedly admit that I considered if it would be possible to make it fall off the shoulder even more.... Do I really want the stripes, though? Will I look like a blue whale in horizontal eighties stripes? Thoughts for future yarn-shopping-list days.... Happy daydreams of future knitting!!
Now I am off to plot strategies for saving money until October! I love SAFF!

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