Friday, August 14, 2009

They are coming!

Indigo Girls are coming!!! I was at Starbucks this morning, knitting and inadvertently eavesdropping, and heard someone say that they would be in Charleston in September. (It was inadvertent. Seriously. Who can knit quietly alone and not hear the conversations going on around them?? It is not like I actually like that kind of thing.... really.) I politely asked her where they were going to be and what the date were.... I am so excited, I love the Indigo Girls!! And when I googled, I found that they will be in Cary on Sept 27th, which is even better! I can't wait!!


lunaticraft said...

Very nice. The Indigo Girls are Awesome!

Kara said...

I missed them last time they were here. I heard it was amazing!

simple sitter said...

Don't you love people who post comments MONTHS after everybody else is over it and has moved on? *sigh* Anyhow, just had to say that I saw the Indigo Girls live in, oh, about 1993 - they were touring to support their "Nomads Indians Saints" album. I was in the 2nd row... golly. They were INCREDIBLE.