Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ginormous, or the crappy weekend just past.

I had a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad weekend. There were emotional meltdowns aplenty, and my lovely purple leaf tee has turned out to be a disaster. Yes, an unmitigated disaster. It is still quite lovely, don't get me wrong. I made almost NO mistakes, which is rare for me, and the yarn is GREAT. Sadly, it would fit three of me. No kidding. It is ginormous. You couldn't tell on the needles, since that keeps it bundled up to the 24" length of the circulars. (And asking me now if I moved it to waste yarn and tried it on in progress is like asking me after my hard drive crashed if I had a backup. Don't go there.) Nobody I know can wear it. I am broken-hearted over the whole thing. Now, to frog or not to frog.... I am so frustrated that I worked for three weeks on a project that would fit The Human Ton from The Tick, and right now I can't bear to look at the stupid thing. On the other hand, it really is beautiful and perfect (if GINORMOUS), and I would love wearing it if I had a shrink ray. Do I have the patience to rip it out and start over?? Only time will tell.

Amidst the meltdowns, and they were legion and brutal and will not be addressed herein, I was way, way too stressed out to decide this weekend. I picked up the next project on my mental/Ravelry list and started going to town. After making a very, very careful guage swatch. Please notice how careful that I am being with the guage swatch. Serious stuff, the swatch. It is going pretty well, my Kingscot. I am making it in the recommended yarn, Berroco's Pure Merino DK, which I really, really like. (So much so that I have been fantasizing about other projects just calling out for this yarn. Good on you, Berroco! Cuzco, and now Pure Merino! Yarn love.) If that is not the color on the left, then I am going blind. It is a dark, slate-y blue-green. The color is luscious, the hand is soft but with some body, and I now understand what bloggers mean by "sproingy." It just is! It defies any other description! In what ended up being a geeky marathon of sorts, The Mom, Matt and I watched 10 hours of the HBO show True Blood in one sitting. I got LOTS of knitting done.... I am almost up to the arm holes in the back, and I just started it on Saturday afternoon. Hopefully, this will be the good thing that comes out of the crappy weekend.... (Other than one mis-twist in a tiny cable. Thank goodness for dark yarn!!!)
Now I am just waiting for the next season of True Blood on DVD! (What's that you say? It hasn't even come on tv yet?? I wonder how much HBO costs?)

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