Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Making good on the promise to post photos!!

So, here is what I have been working on since the weather started to turn warm! I have finished the Beachcomber Tunic, which I adore completely. As a matter of fact, I am wearing it at work as I type. I figure this is my last chance before it is hot enough to melt me in the car.... Isn't it pretty? Eventually, I will get a pic of me in it.... People at Stitches actually reached out to touch it, one even asked me about the pattern. I am so proud! The first finished object that I can actually model! As you can see, Buttercup, the big black cat likes it, too. He was mighty disappointed when I put it on this morning! (Yes, his name is Buttercup, and no, I didn't name him.)

Camellia is done all but the neck edging and the tying in of ends. Everyone is well aware how I love tying in ends, so who knows how long that will take.... I am very happy to report that it fits, which was not looking so certain as I sewed the seams, so I am thrilled with the nearly finished object. I am eager to wear it, so maybe I will get it done this weekend. I am thinking crochet for the neck edge, rather than the manadrin sort of knitted collar it calls for, since I am not adding the ribbon tie at the opening. I am afraid that a stand up collar would flop over if not secured. Here are some detail pics, just 'cause I think it is pretty! The true color is much closer to the dark picture, a beautiful red wine color, very little of the purple to it, but not nearly so red as the lighter images would suggest. Forgive me for the pictures. I am aware that they are pathetic!

I have liked this project so much, despite some vagueness in the directions that I may have to add some more Kate Gilbert to the old queue. However, NOTHING is going into the queue for a good long while, until some of the scheduled projects are in the finished pile!

(Why, oh why does the layout on these blog posts never even resemble the layout that I create with text and pictures when I am composing?? It would be so cool if I could arrange everything to my satisfaction and then have it actually look like that when I was done.)
I am almost done (doesn't that sound familiar?) with the Top Down Leaf Tee from Classic Elite. It is going to be done very soon, one way or the other, since I am just about out of yarn and it is looking like a pretty decent length already. It is so very PURPLE... I seem to be very attracted to jewel tones for summer.... Shakin' up the wardrobe, lovin' me some colors in the red family! Anyway, I am almost to the end of the increases for the waist, so when those are done I will put it on waste yarn and try it on. Cross your fingers for me.
Last but not least, got my last new yarn for a while: MMMM, Malabrigo! I can see now why everyone on Ravelry says it that way! This is two skeins of 4ply sock yarn one StoneChat and one Solis. I am in love! I got it for the Mom and Vickie, in Titian Red and Impressionist Sky respectively, as very early birthday presents so we could all knit the Ishbel shawl. I told them both that they don't HAVE to knit a shawl with it, since it is a present, not an assignment, but that is what I had in mind. I figured that it would be easier to learn on than cobweb laceweight.... They are so beautiful.... Le sigh!
I am in knitting wonderland! Just don't ask me about money.....

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