Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why does this freaking week hate me??

Truly, it wants to torture me before I die from frustration! In case the weekend wasn't enough, the crap has continued!
Yesterday, like a good sister, I left an hour early for work so that I could take my brother to the bank on the way. He went in to open an account, and I stayed in the car. Like a good little girl, thinking of the environment, I turned the engine off and let the battery run the radio. I bet you can guess.... That's right, when he came back out the battery was dead enough that it wouldn't crank. Less than twenty minutes before the both of us needed to be at work. My car is 10 years old, and things have started breaking off of it with some regularity.... Turns out that this is the original battery and it has never gone bad before, so I have pressed my luck long enough. A very nice lady (who opened my brother's account) had jumper cables. The jumping of my car actually became somewhat of a local attraction before it was all over.... Me, my brother, the lady from the bank, and two other bank customers, all staring at my car engine. We were 9 minutes late. Sigh.
You won't believe it, but things got worse..... Today, at lunch, AFTER half of my day had gone by, I reached into my purse to get change for a Pepsi, my horrible weakness, and things felt a little damp. I patted around for a while until I realized that A CAT HAD PEED IN MY PURSE! Not just any purse, either, but my beloved Namaste Malibu bag, my only present for myself out of the bonus before last. EVERYTHING IN MY PURSE WAS WET FROM CAT PEE!!! My wallet was soaked. My phone, moist and smelly. My iPod. I cleaned all the un-replaceable essentials with about a bucket full of hand sanitizer and threw the rest away. Including my beautiful bag. I am very sad, and now I am vowing revenge against this malicious week! Watch out week. I've got my eye on you.


Knitika said...

There are no words that could accurately describe reaching into your purse and finding cat pee all over everything. I'm so sorry.

lunaticraft said...

I am so sorry! That's horrifying. I'm going to have to go hide all my purses now... just in case... I hope your week got better!