Monday, May 18, 2009

Knitting Organization 101

So, it took a thread on Ravelry, but I got my queue in some kind of order last night. It is very exciting to get it all laid out there and ready to go, and now I am having the serious urge to start all the new projects at once! (Don't I always have that urge??) Ironically, despite my determination to buy yarn only for specific projects and go through them in some semblance of order, the first one queued is Liesl by Ysolda, for which I have no yarn. Yet. It is so summery, though, with its lacy fabric and mid-sleeve construction, that I can't resist! Maybe the King Tut cotton that I got at stitches will work for it? I must swatch.
I have made great progress on the summer knits that I have already started, even though I have not produced the promised pictures. Camellia is done but for the neck edge and ends, and I am delighted to report that it fits! The top-down leaf tee will be done sooner than later, one way or the other, since I am almost out of yarn. I am going to be really irritated if I can't finish because I ran out of yarn!! And once again, I promise pictures coming soon....
In other news, vacation plans have now been made. Mom, Vickie and I are going to make the short trek to Charleston for a couple of days in the middle of the week during my vacation. I have never been to Knit, their infamous LYS, so I am thrilled at the prospect. And also looking forward to trite tourist stuff, even though I have done it all before. Except for the ferry to Fort Sumter, which I haven't done, and am REALLY excited about! There is probably something wrong with me....
Matt has finished his first week working here with me. He seems to like it ok, and is pleasantly surprised that the people are so very nice. He got lucky and started during Call Center Appreciation Week, so there were fun, games, and extra dress down days!
I also may be the only person in South Carolina that is happy that the temperature shouldn't get over 70 this week.... That means that I can wear the Beachcomber Tunic again!! WHoopie!@!!!

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Christine said...

I also find the more organized I get the more I want to start all of my projects at the same time! Ravelry is probably the best and worst organizational tool at the same time!