Friday, May 9, 2008

All fibers should come from beech trees.

Red bag done! Whoopie!! I madly love this pattern and will make more and more of these French Market Bags. Seems to be a popular choice, as many, many people in my bag group on Ravelry have expressed their own mad love for this pattern. I started using it before I let it dry. That did result in slightly damp pattern pages, but it was worth it! It is my new favorite knitting project bag, which I am carrying to work every day with my knitting and my lunch inside. Now I want to make one with the contrasting colors the pattern actually calls for! Ohhh, and wouldn't it be great to do it like my mom's bubble bag, with one strand of Noro Silk Garden and one strand of wool. I can picture that, and it is a lovely fantasy.... Oh, the possibilities!

On a slightly less "mad love" kind of note, I had to frog the kimono. I am very disappointed, but I refuse to let it dampen my enthusiasm. The yarn, the aforementioned beech tree fiber, was absolutely gorgeous and silky, so silky in fact that it wouldn't hold the stitch pattern when I used big enough needles for gauge. It was a loopy, floppy mess. I am not giving up on my desire to make the lovely fan kimono, I just need a yarn with a better texture for the project.... And maybe a color that would harmonize beautifully with black.... Back into the queue it goes!

Because I love the fabulous, satiny Shine Worsted- the wonderful beech fiber- so much, I have already started an alternative project with the kimono yarn. It is cotton and beech, so I wanted something summery. Plus, I want to wear it! Who wants to wait until Fall?? So, I cast on an elbow-length-sleeve, square-neck tee from the most recent Vogue Knitting. The pattern calls for a slightly lighter soy bamboo and stripes, but I am using worsted and no stripes. The gauge works up almost exactly right, only about an eighth of an inch off, so I am making a 40 instead of a 44. I fall between those measurements, anyway. It makes up into a great fabric... I am excited, and the melancholy brought on by frogging begins to fade!

Knitting group meeting tomorrow! I am very happy that everyone is so eager to meet. I set the yahoo group to do an automatic reminder, which is ultra cool... The best-hoped-for thing finally happened! I got an email from a stranger who found the group on yahoo!! She said she and her friend crochet, and asked if we would include them! I emailed back that she is certainly welcome and I really hope they come.... Plus, my mom has invited another teacher, so our ranks are growing. I am so pleased!

I am trying to organize our first field trip as a knitting group.... June 14th is World Wide Knit in Public Day, can you believe it?? I found a group on Ravelry who are celebrating with a meeting in a park in Charleston, and I am trying to convince at least one other person to go with me. I am too shy to go alone, but maybe I will have the guts to go with someone else. Besides, Charleston is great and I hear good things about their LYS, Knit.

Who would have thought that I had so much to say, so often about knitting?? :-)

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