Monday, May 12, 2008

Go Speed Knitter, GO!

The yarn came to make sweaters for Brenda's granddaughters... Since I am making those at someones request, I really want to start them. The yarn is great, too, Puffin from Crystal Palace! Soft and fuzzy. I can't wait to see how it is going to knit up!

Since I already had the vogue sweater on the needles, I HAD to wait, though... I love this yarn and didn't want to end up with a ridge through it from leaving it sitting on the needle while my attention wandered to something else. SO.... I knit the entire rest of the back of the sweater in a day and a half! I was a knittin' fool. It was a complete marathon session, slowed down only by the fact that the pattern called for decreases on EVERY row... Never ran across one that called for decreasing on the wrong side. And never did figure out how to get a decrease done on the purl side to lean to the left.... Oh, well, the little stitches are really hard to see, and I don't think it takes away from the over-all beauteousness. It came out beautifully, and now I am ready, nay ITCHING, to do a gauge swatch for the color block sweater in fluffy cupcake colors! Brenda hasn't brought me the measurements yet, but I can swatch!

Kind of a sad turnout on Saturday, just my mom, me and Brenda. We had fun, though, and knitted the afternoon away. I don't know what will happen next week, since we have made movie plans with good friends, but I will squeeze knitting in there somewhere. And try to attract the crocheters who emailed me last week, too! I am just really enjoying having some time dedicated to being social AND to knitting. It is great!

Mom made a sweater that turned out SO great. It is lipstick red, which is definitely her color, and has a yoke knitted in the round. Now I want to make the exact same sweater.... I envision cream or olive.... I will never have the time in my entire life to knit all that I want to!! (Or the money... ) I guess I just have to keep adding to the queue and dream of retirement when I can knit all day.... :-)

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