Friday, May 30, 2008

I take it back....

This is the world's most beautiful knitted object!! I have finished 7 squares from matching skeins and this is the one that I got out of the scraps from those skeins.... I was really worried that the scraps wouldn't go together in a harmonious way, but I think it worked out well! Notice that the big ball of acidic lime green didn't make it into the square? I didn't have enough colors to go with it... somehow that earthy lavender looked better with the olive.... Anyway! I can't wait to get more yarn. Ian is giving me 6 skeins of it that I found on sale at They are on the way, but it isn't happening fast enough!! And realistically, that will only take me a week to get through, anyway!!! Someone is going to come across me on the street wearing a sandwich board that says "Will work for yarn...."

So, today due to lack of Lizard Ridge stimulation, I have focused on Ian's Weasley Sweater for Christmas... I searched for charted letters. We have finally laid to rest the idea of B for Butthead and I have resigned myself to a plain old I for Ian.... That one will be easy, since I can just use the H chart that comes in the book and whack off the parts that don't comprise an I. I also searched for yarn. I don't think anybody wants this sweater to cost 200$, and the Silkroad Aran that is called for would get close to that. Plus, Ian said that he doesn't like wool. I have convinced him that he should compromise and use a wool blend so that he still gets the same kind of rustic hand-spun look, or it won't really be a Weasley family heirloom! I am thinking either Lion Brand Woolease or Paton's Shetland Chunky Tweed. I lean toward the patons but I don't know if I could get gauge. We shall see... I have both at home and can swatch at will!

Isn't your birthday the perfect day to win the lottery? Like a birthday present from Karma... I will dutifully trip off to get the ticket. Keep your fingers crossed.... Dreaming of all the yarn I could buy! Sigh.

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