Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Only knitting can tear me away....

So, while working on the world's most beautiful afghan, my Lizard Ridge Love, I have been having a hard time tearing myself away to blog! I started at the Duran Duran concert, only put it down when I couldn't see anymore to knit. The pattern is easy to master and easy to memorize. I swear, this is the most addictive and most beautiful project I have ever worked on... I want to knit squares at all times!! I haven't even been able to make the time to take pictures of my lovely work! I thought that I would be satisfied with a couple of skeins every month, but I have developed an addiction. I am trying to get Ian to get me a couple more for my birthday this weekend!! Bright colors please, no pastels! ;-) This yarn creates a craving... I love the colors and the thick and thin texture.... I madly love this project. Sigh!
Learned to spit-splice, on a related note. Kind of gross, but very handy when the yarn has a knot... The texture of the afghan is going to be so smooth that I don't want to be seeing knots all over the place!
All other projects on hold, of course. I am carrying the Should-Have-Been-a-Kimono sweater around with me for when I run out of Kureyon, but it is a last resort! (Though I am one and a half squares from being out of luck, I do believe.) I am also pretty excited about starting the sweaters for Brenda's grand-daughters.... I have plenty to keep me busy for a while, I will not be suffering for want of yarn, that is for sure!!!
Just decided yesterday to go to the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair in October. Roberta generously allowed me to change my vacation , and mom and Vicky are going to go with! I am very, very excited.... I will sign up for the workshops that I want to take after payday! I am seriously considering Basics of Feltmaking and Fair Isle Knitting 101. I can't wait to see the displays and the vendors, too. Maybe there will be sheep ice-cream!!!

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Ian said...

Great, now I'm an enabler... Sheep ice-cream? I'm afraid to ask!