Monday, May 5, 2008

... but for the finishing!

Ok, the red bag is done all but the tying in... I hate tying in ends! I am ABSOLUTELY determined, though, to get it done before I start anything else. Since I am home sick today, I should be able to do it. Right now I am sitting on the couch with it tucked under my arm, hoping that some strange magic will occur and it will just be READY for the washer! I had a terrible grafting problem, but my genius mother was able to explain it way better than some book. I have to finish, though, because I can't wait to start the kimono!!

Had the meeting again on Saturday, Cathy and Sharon both came in addition the the people there the first week.... It was just exactly what I wanted it to be!! Peaceful, relaxing, fun. Mom did a way better job teaching Brenda than I did, but the important thing is that Brenda seemed very happy to have gotten the hang of the knit stitch!! I look so forward to meeting again this coming Saturday!
Ordered the yarn to make a tunic sweater for Roberta. She just loved the yarn for my kimono, so I couldn't resist ordering the very same yarn. It wasn't too expensive since it is from Knit Picks, and since I have to hand make it, I don't feel too much like my grandma buying Christmas presents in May! If that one works out, I may make more for people for the holiday. Since I am also doing sweaters for Brenda's grandkids and a Harry Potter sweater for Ian for Christmas, skully goes further down the list.... I am holding aside the pink mohair for just that project....


Ian said...

You're still making me a "B" sweater for "Butthead" right?

Jennifer said...

I like the idea... I don't think your dad thinks it is that funny, though... :-)