Monday, February 9, 2009

Nary a knit-stitch....

I did not get a stitch knitted this weekend. Instead, I overhauled the entire house. Since my brother moved in, things are understandably more cramped than usual, and mom has been getting antsy with all the chaos. She opted out this weekend and insisted that I beat the place back into order. Saturday, I unloaded EVERYTHING from my room and spread it all over the house. (Have to crack a few eggs....) I moved all my furniture around in the hopes that I would find an arrangement that would accommodate the giant tv from the living room so that I didn't need to put it in storage. Sunday, I did seven loads of laundry (some of which did NOT belong to me...), sorted everything I own and some stuff I don't, moved a lot of it to the shed for storage or disposal in the yard sale, and then packed the rest back into my one room. THEN, I helped Matt switch out mattresses (don't ask, it is gross), straightened the living room, dining room and den, dusted and swept half the house, and cleaned the bathroom. I feel like I have been beaten with a stick today, but the house looks lovely. I have to admit.

Some craftiness was accomplished on Friday after work, though. I felted the swatch for the Ravenna Satchel. I had added the purple Ultra Alpaca, and needed to see if it was going to pull or pucker. It came out beautifully, if slightly fuzzier than the rest. Fuzzy I can live with, as long as it comes out smoothly! Soon, I will actually have to figure this intarsia crap out and knit the thing!

I also felted the Bravo Bag that has been done since October or November. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Now the mom wants me to make her one.... She knits, I believe I will leave this in her capable hands! If she asks nicely, I may line it for her!! I am going to try my hand on an inset zipper pocket in this one.... I am absolutely dying to go get the belts to be the handles and line it so I can use it. However, if I don't finish Brenda's Brea Bag first, she will probably kill me in the parking lot at work! That is what I will work on this coming weekend.

I finished Nan's first sleeve and started the second one on Friday, also. (I got MONDO work done this weekend, didn't I?) I didn't have any more time or energy to work on it any further than Friday, so I will have to hammer away at that one this weekend, also. I need a vacation day. I may get a hotel room... just me and the knitting.

On the sewing front, it is becoming apparent that I have entirely lost my mind. I found a flickr group on Amy Butler bags made from her patterns and have gone sewn-bag mad. Today, without even finding the fabric for the three I have already in my possession, I ordered two more bag patterns:

This is the Birdie Sling. I did not initially love it, but it has massively grown on me. Especially since I saw someone do it in a black and yellow print that included little graphic birds. Something about the pun really gets me!!

I also got the Betty Shopper pattern. Just what I need is another GINORMOUS bag.... But look how cute it is!! And maybe we will actually use it as a shopping bag!! That one, I had loved and added to my shopping cart when I ordered the first three, but had taken it out when I realized how much I was spending. I should have just gone ahead.... I see much sewing in your future.... I need that vacation day I have been tossing around in the back of my head just to go to Columbia fabric shopping!
I would like to say Hi to my friend Wolfgang that has decided to occasionally read my blog. Added to Ian who looks me up on Google Reader once in a while, that comprises nearly my entire fan base. And neither knits! Who knew??

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