Saturday, February 14, 2009

St. Craftentine's Day.

It was a heck of a crafty Valentine's Day, though I didn't get anything at all done! I just got a lot purchased!

Matt and I went to see He's Just Not That Into You. It was fun, but I tell you, it ABSOLUTELY sucks to go see a date movie with your brother on Valentine's Day. Not to detract at all from how glad I am that he went with me, but man it sucks to be single!! And let me say, that is a movie that seriously makes you feel like a single loser by the end....

So, anyway, Matt was a good sport and went Bravo Bag shopping with me. We got two belts at Kohl's for the handles. We got 46" dark brown woven, but everyone else thinks they are too short. Sorry, we couldn't find Godzilla's belt closet, so this will have to do. Then, doing a passable imitation of best brother ever, he even went to Hobby Lobby with me for plastic canvas for the inside bottom of the bag. Heck, I don't even like going to Hobby Lobby!! Here is a very dark sideways picture of the Bravo Bag, post felting, with the MONKEY lining fabric that I got later in the day and the apparently too short belts, pre-assembly! I am excited, but can't put it together until I finish Brenda's bag, so she doesn't give up and kill me at some point.

Speaking of fabric.... The Mom, Vickie and I went to Rogers Brothers Fabric later in the afternoon, and it was a bonanza! Roberta hadn't been thrilled with them, but I was very happy with the selection, and the prices. Maybe I just caught them at a good moment, but I got out of there with three fabrics for only 20$, and could have happily bought the fabric for another bag. What I did get was the fabric for my first Birdie Bag from my fabulous new pattern. I wavered between a great orange and blue modern abstract print and what I eventually bought. I got a black faux-batik animal print (not animal skin patterns, colorful drawings of animals) and a coordinating stripe for the handle. I think it is going to be great! Tomorrow I will go alone to get the other supplies that are called for.... Look how cute that is! I figure a solid blue for the inside.... This is fun, and soon I will actually break out the sewing machine!
I sewed the shoulder seams on Nan last night, and discovered a weird problem. The left front is four stitches wider than the right. I don't think I would have even noticed that if it weren't for the columnar elements to the design. I match up the lace column, the column of twisted stitches, etc, and the left front sticks out past the edge of the back by four stitches. The only thing I can think to do is to lose that extra bit in the seam. Here's to hoping that it doesn't make the seam insanely bulky. Makes me not want to work on it, though.
Which brings me to the big decision that is coming up.... I have to decide what to work on next! The Mom started her Sipalu bag which kind of gives me that bug again. Also, there is the Lizard Ridge calling to me. And the Cosima that I have the yarn for. And the red bag for Dr. Emerson. What to do, what to do?? My favorite dilemma!

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