Monday, February 2, 2009

Not my best effort....

Ok, since last we met, I have knitted 20% of the Ravenna Satchel. See, I said I wouldn't be able to resist! And then I ripped it all out. I had ends everywhere and I messed up on the chart somewhere. I have decided that it was karma biting me in the butt for not finishing Nan before I started something else.... (No, I didn't take a picture before I laid waste to the horrible blob of yarn that had become my Ravenna Satchel. Best to NOT record that for posterity!)
Now I seem to be taking a knitting hiatus. Mostly because it is now very dark in the living room in the evenings, so if I want to watch the good tv, I can't see to knit. Something must be done about this. I am starting to be all itchy with withdrawal symptoms!
I shall heed karma's not-so-gentle nudge and work on Nan tomorrow.

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