Friday, January 30, 2009


Behold before you the lovely color swatch for my Ravenna Satchel. Which I have promised not to start until I have finished Nan and the bag for Brenda. But I wanna! It is going to be so beautiful!! I have chosen the first four colors based on a pair of pants that I just love. That is right, a pair of pants. Strange though it may be, I LOVE the colors in those pants, all beach-glassy and pretty, and I want to extend all that pulchritude into other areas of my life!

So, since I am going to the yarn store tomorrow to try to pick out the last flower color I worked up a swatch to take with me. Turtle, the color I ordered from Webs to go with these, did NOT look good. It was a very serious color clash. Truly hideous. I am looking for kind of a purply mauve with grey undertones for the large flower.... We shall see. To the right is the original color scheme. For the bright green, I am using the Pistachio, the navy blue in place of black, and the sky blue in place of the lavender. The only color I am using the same is the pink for the background. (No, that is not a bad color image on the screen, the background really is just barely pink. I didn't like it at first, but it has grown on me. Especially since they said in the pattern that white usually won't felt!) See, I need something intensely pink-purple for the big flower.... However will I resist starting this project as soon as all colors are procured???

After the trip to Columbia tomorrow, which will include a side trip to see my friend Moira, there is more furniture wrangling in my future. We have to decide what to do with my tv, since Matt's monster tv is now in the living room. I am very reluctant to put it out in the shed, for fear that extremes of temperature may kill it dead. But to put it in my room is probably going to entail completely re-arranging my furniture AND some pretty inventive coaxial cable machinations. Tonight at work after everyone else leaves, I will probably do some obsessive mental furniture arranging.... All I can say is that all of this is seriously cutting into my knitting time!

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