Wednesday, January 21, 2009

WOW, knitters love to blog!

I spent some time yesterday broadening my blog horizons, expanding my look into the knitblog universe beyond my beloved Yarn Harlot. HOLY COW, knitters have a lot to say!! And people are actually READING theirs! And some of them are very strict about only talking about knitting.... I have always considered this a spot to ramble to myself about knitting, but if something else is going on, I will talk about that, too! Sadly, not much else happens..... I guess basically, I don't have any rules for my knitblog, and I am not going to worry that some won't believe that it is a knitblog after all! After all, nobody is reading it, anyway!!

I did find a couple of really cute spots to get a knitting chuckle daily. I have heard a couple of people mention blog reading applications so they can be notified when there are new posts from the ones that they like to follow.... Hmmm, very interesting!

With all this surfing and blogging, I haven't knit anything since Saturday. The Nantucket Jacket, henceforth to be known as Nan, is staring at me accusingly from its plastic bag in front of the couch. I feel so OBLIGATED to finish it that I don't want to work on it.... I am so perverse. Maybe today I will just get over it and get something done. I should take it to work with me so that I can do a couple of rows at lunch.... Sigh.

And NO, they didn't send us home early yesterday. I can't even be too self-righteous about it, since the roads were dry when I finally got off! What good is snow??

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lunaticraft said...

I've always admired the bloggers who are able to keep focused on one thing. I'm more of a random, eclectic blogger myself. Just can't seem to keep myself focused on one thing! =D