Monday, January 26, 2009

Ah, finishing... my favorite.

I have found that in the titles, I use entirely many exclamation points. It is true. I am overly fond of the exclamation point. I don't think I will be able to make it through an entire post without one. Like some kind of security blanket... and don't get me started on the ellipse!

Today, I have taken another step away from finishing anything, ever. Instead of working on my beautiful red Nan, which I am getting very close to finishing, instead of making a sleeve which I probably could have finished in one sitting, I picked up the Alpine. Alpine was a Christmas present, which I have my last chance to give it this weekend when I visit Meredith in Raleigh. This is Meredith. Isn't she beautiful??
On the other hand, isn't sewing the seams on Alpine a step toward finishing that, even while it is a step back away from finishing other things? I DID start it before Nan, after all.
The fun part of working on Meredith's lovely Alpine, while hopped up on migraine medicine no less, was that I promptly sewed two sides of the back together. Then, without noticing what I had done, I proceeded to sew the two sleeves together. I finished before I noticed that I had transformed a cute, trendy green sweater that is perfect for my beautiful friend into modern, free form sculpture. It has been that kind of a day.
I found out today that a friend of mine, whose friendship I had let dangle way too long, is in big trouble. I am very worried about him, and I feel awful that I haven't been in better touch. I didn't even know when he suffered a terrible tragedy two years ago, because I have neglected him too long. I have all the usual excuses... He had just had triplets and if I called, I would just be intruding when he was already too busy. I would be waking the babies, keeping him and his wife from sleeping when they could, etc. And before I knew it, two whole years had passed. How can every day take so long and two years be gone before I know? When did I become such a careless friend?
I don't want that to be true anymore. Isn't it way more important to keep up with friends than it is to keep up with works in progress? I called my friend today to tell him that I am thinking about him. Tomorrow, I am going to call another one.

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