Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Can't knit and move furniture, either.

My brother moved in last night. This is a really bad picture of him, but all the other pictures of him that I have include really bad pictures of me, too, and since it is my blog, guess who wins? (He will be thrilled.)

I got no knitting done today at all for two wildly disparate reasons: moving Matt's enormous furniture around in our very small living room to see how we could shoe-horn it all in and the fact that I haven't been able to sleep for days! When I came home from work, my couch was nowhere to be found. Apparently it has been moved to storage.... He is right, though, his giant monster couch is quite comfortable. I reluctantly admit....
I have to say, I don't know WHAT is up with the insomnia. The first night I blame entirely on my new Facebook profile, but I have been way more moderate since the first euphoric rush of new friends has worn off! I guess that first night just screwed me up. With any luck at all, I will sleep blissfully tonight through winning the Powerball, which I have two tickets for.... then I can sleep like a very, very rich baby from then on! Surrounded by all the yarn that I will buy with my newly-won millions. Sigh.
Ok, exhaustion has made me ramble incoherently. I need to rest up for my trip to the yarn store on Saturday. There is a cute little place called the Needler in Lexington where they claim to carry every single color of Cascade 220 in existence! I have been there before, but I was awed by all the yarn that I had never seen before and failed to worship at the great wall of Cascade. I won't make that mistake Saturday. Now I am off to bed so that I am awake enough to appreciate the experience a couple of days from now!

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