Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Can't knit and eat, can't knit and eat....

Today is the first day that I have been white-knuckling the diet.... I am relying heavily on knitting for its soothing, blood-pressure lowering qualities.... Especially for the magical property of not having any free hands!

Ok, I solved the delima (a word which I apparently can't spell for the life of me....) of what to do next by choosing.... drum roll please.... NONE of the aforementioned projects! I have chosen instead to work on a lovely project from the book Knit Kimono in lovely, lovely yarn that I bought on an impulsive trip to Columbia Saturday. I have been dying to knit a kimono, and I got ten hanks of Silky Wool in olive green (quell surprise) that was just begging to be knitted! The guage is significantly too small, so I am modifying the pattern (yeah me) for the very first time to hopefully make it work! I did the math for the stitch guage that I am actually getting, hoping that by increasing from 98 stitches cast on to 128 cast on that I will still get the correct width. Of course, length is easier! This first piece, however, may be deceptively easy, since it is a plain old rectangle. There are many more origami-like pieces forthcoming.... Who cares? I love this yarn, and I think it will make an awesome short kimono.... I would love to post a picture, but the energy it would take to scan the pic from the book is sadly being taken up trying not to eat any of the cats in my terrible diet starvation!

My Sipalu bag is half done. I needed something a little less intense to work on, so I will start the other side of the bag soon. This is it here at the right, in all its not-half-way-done glory.... I am very, very pleased with the way it is turning out, no major errors having cropped up yet. I have still to unravel the provisional cast on.... Which should prove quite difficult, since I failed to follow the astute advice to mark which end of the chain will actually unravel and which end won't. I guess there is some experimentation in my future! Anyway, eventually, when I tire of vast olive green expanses of kimono, I shall take up the challenge! It has been an exciting project so far, really, with all kinds of new skills learned! My mom is letting me be the scout working ahead of her so I can figure out the hard stuff.... That is ok, it ends up like a really beautiful test swatch for all kinds of things I didn't know before!
Have I mentioned all the wonderful yarn that has come into my life recently? It is yarn Nirvana. Truly. Not only did I get the Sipalu sampler kit and pretty teal alpaca yarn (hello, minimalist cardigan) for Christmas AND the previously exclaimed Silky Wool, I cashed in my generous Webs gift certificates! Yesterday when I got back from the doctor's dire warnings of blood pressure induced strokes (picture thermometers with their red mercury lines blasting through the glass dome tops), my box of awesomeness was waiting! I got the olive green (sense a pattern here) Cuzco to make Cosima, my concession to the modern shaped cardis. I got the last four skeins (with any luck at all) of Kureyon required to finish the Lizard Ridge.
And, thrown in to get the bigger Webs discount, the Cascade 220 to make the Ravenna Satchel. Instead of the colors called for, black, oranges and greens, I got the colors from a favorite pair of summertime linen pants. They are a wonderful melange of greyed down sea glass colors.... I got navy blue, kind of heathery, for the top and bottom trim. Soft pink, a seriously baby's butt color, will be the background (the only color that matches), and the flower colors are pistachio green and summer sky. The only off note is the olive green that I chose off the computer screen. It is called Turtle, and don't get me wrong, I like the color. I love all shades of olive green.... But it is truly hideous with these other colors. A major flat note, horrifyingly too much yellow to work in this pallette. I cannot emphasise the wrong-ness of this inharmonious pairing enough..... Whatever shall I do? I guess find something else waiting to be made out of Turtle colored yarn and check the stash for a back-up! Isn't that why I have a stash??
Sesame Street is brought to you today by the color olive green....

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