Monday, February 1, 2010

Brought to you today by the color green.

So, I bought a new pattern last night. I am apparently giddy with my new computing power! I just fell madly in love with the below sweater, which is Peasy by Heidi Kirrmaier. When I read it was worked all in one piece, I was in love.Then I read the magic words "DK weight," and I knew I had to have it!! I have a bag of Elsbeth Lavold Silky Wool just waiting to be this sweater.... It is navy blue, which does not break my heart! I can barely wait to get started.

Let's see, tonight I will finish Citron (two rows to go!).... I am still waiting on needles from Webs to work on the wedding present shawl (backorder).... I can finish the front of Cosima in like a day (as you can see from the progress made so far, right?).... I should be able to get started this weekend! Whoopie!!!!

And now, to further green up your day, I have decided to grow soybeans this summer in the back yard.I was completely sold on the idea, which I thought was a good one to begin with, when I heard that they only have to be watered once a week. Sounds like an ideal plant. Tomatoes have to be watered every stinking day! Now I just have to find someplace that will sell me less than one whole pound of seeds... That is around 1700 of the little buggers! I have a YARD, not a FIELD!!


simple sitter said...

Try Baker Creek Heirloom Seed for the soybeans... they have lots of organic and non-GMO stuff. Or Seed Savers Exchange. I'm planning on ordering some seed from them for our garden this year.

simple sitter said...

Oh - the word was "snigginut." Love that sweater!