Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Centimeters, Jennifer, not inches.

So, I am working on the Peasy sweater. Over the weekend I got to the spot in the pattern where I was to divide the stitches for the sleeves and the body, which normally would not cause me a lot of stress.... But I stopped cold Saturday evening, frozen in fear and indecision. Mostly because I CANNOT keep in my head that this pattern is measured in centimeters. Not inches, centimeters. (Maybe if I say it a lot, I will remember...)

The schematic at the end has a chart to correspond to the measurements. It says plain as day what the unit of measure is, but did I comprehend? Nope. I saw the statistic that I should have a measurement of 22 from the neckline to the division for the sleeves and body, and reading "22 inches" because I am a ding dong, I freaked out. Nevermind the VAST difference between 22" and 22cm. I was convinced I had come up that short! I put it aside, because as everyone knows, if you completely ignore a knitting disaster, it is right three weeks later when you pick it up again. And that is kind of what happened. When I picked it up last night, suddenly the fact that inches and centimeters are different measurements made perfect sense to me. Its a miracle!! I have 21cm lightly stretched, which tells me if I block it right I will be ok. Pshew!

And then I made a radical decision. I have departed from the pattern. I am such a rebel. This one had you working the sleeves first and working them flat. I have decided to go with my instincts. It made so much more sense to me to put the sleeves on waste yarn and knit the body first.... That way there is no seaming for the sleeves and I can try it on before then, too. I am all for no seaming.... Wish me luck!

By the way, let me tell you: NOTHING that causes such horrible symptoms when you stop drinking it could POSSIBLY be good for you. I have stopped with the Pepsi, but I may be a rare case that actually dies from a caffeine withdrawal headache. Seriously.

Tomorrow, Peasy pictures!!

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simple sitter said...

I'd laugh, but I think that would be bad karma in the bank. :-O

PS - word is "holium" - hilarious.