Monday, February 22, 2010

My dog is camera shy.

You wouldn't think she was, considering what an attention hog she can be, but she cannot sit for a photo. This is the best I could do to show her feeling better. This is begging for a bacon treat after performing all the tricks she knows! I love that if you get the treats out, she just starts doing tricks. "What do you want me to do??? Just gimme!!!" She seems to be feeling much better, though she still has a little trouble jumping up on the couch. At least now she is willing to do it. The vet said that she shouldn't have any ongoing problems. I think she is still looking for that bone, though!

The Swallowtail is done but for the ends that need to be tied in. I know myself. That will happen with the gift box open in front of me on the day I give it to her.... It came out so pretty, though!!!
And here is a way-more-purple-than-reality shot of the Peasy in progress:No doubt this will be beautiful, and I love my sweater I made out of Silky Wool previously, but in my lust for lace, I am having a hard time enjoying this one! I am doggedly determined to get it finished, though, so stay tuned for updates!

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