Monday, April 19, 2010

Beady goodness.

I finished the Haruni, will show more when I get it blocked. Took a trip to the bead store in Surfside Beach on Saturday so I could start my Aeolian shawl.... I got beads (four boxes of them!) that match the yarn PERFECTLY. It is such a perfect match that they are almost invisible.... I struggled with that, couldn't decide if I wanted to go for the blend or the contrast. I guess it remains to be seen if I end up liking the low contrast, huh? What I am telling myself is that it is like water at night, with a subtle glitter of moonlight through clouds. I can spin such a fantasy about yarn, can't I? See above my new beading workstation, complete with this magic velvety mat that keeps the beads from rolling.... Amazing stuff! I am starting to get into the rhythm of putting beads on every few stitches, too. (Now that I said that, there will be a terrible beading disaster, won't there??)

Now I am sick and will go to bed shamefully early. I hate being sick.

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simple sitter said...

Oooooh - purty! I love the color!