Friday, April 2, 2010

Once and Future Socks.

I know I love this yarn. Wanna know how I know I love this yarn? I have, in the last 24 hours, started this sock three times. I got all the way through the first repeat of the lace pattern for the Swan Socks by Wendy Knits at least once. I am telling you, though, a grizzly bear could have gotten a big old paw even in the second attempt. The Miss Babs Yummy is holding up nicely to the frogging, I have to say!

This, contrary to my usual history with photos, is a pretty decent representation of the color. This is my Miss Babs club yarn, Oriental Poppy in honor of Georgia O'Keefe. I madly, madly, madly love the color, which is only slightly more orange than I am showing here. The pattern that came with it was cuff down, though it was lovely, so I have decided to deviate and do the Wendy KAL sock for this month. Birds, stones, you know!

Not that I have fallen out of love with the shawls... Don't get me wrong. I am still motoring along on the Hanami shawl. I have gotten through the sixth repeat of seven basketweave repeats.... I can't explain why I needed something else to knit. Somehow the pattern is both too complex and, after the SIXTH time I have done the exact same thing, too tedious to work on uninterrupted. Hopefully, knitters will understand what I mean by that.... I have to concentrate hard to get it right, but on the seventh repeat, there is nothing new happening.... I needed me some variety!!

I think I may be spending too much time thinking about this stuff....

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