Thursday, April 22, 2010

I wanna go to the beach. Whine.

The Mom and I bought this:
So that I will not look like this after a day in the sun:
Now I want to go to the beach on Saturday. It is supposed to be 89 degrees on Saturday, which means everyone in the state of South Carolina will probably be at the beach. But I am having trouble caring. I want to take Steve (the ebook reader, my boyfriend) and go lay on the sand, in the shade, and feel the breeze blowing. This week, however, will actually never be over. It is like one of those old Twilight Zone horror short stories... It will just keep going and going. By now it should surely be Friday of next week!
The only downside I can see for a short road-trip to the beach this weekend is that I am NOT foolish enough to think I can knit alpaca into beaded lace under a canopy on the sand.... I have been making such happy progress on the Aeolian that I have the conflicting urge to sit in the lazyboy with a shawl and a teeny-tiny crochet hook this entire weekend.... Decisions, decisions!


Kara said...

Yeah, getting burned is no fun! So good idea with the canopy. I think going to the beach sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

Mm, I miss beaches! It's been getting warm here, too.