Monday, April 12, 2010

Continuing knitting disasters....

Remember this? Beautiful, huh? I took this picture in the vain hope that I could convince myself that I hadn't allowed the color changing yarn to ruin the project. Don't think that is possible? Check this out:

Yep, nothing soft or subtle about that change. I didn't even have to do anything to accomplish it.... It wasn't because I broke the yarn when the dog spilled malt on it. It was just the way the color change worked out. Whose bright idea was that?? So when I got to about three inches of unadulterated sand color after that hard line transition, I finally gave up and admitted that it looked terrible, and that I would never love this shawl again if I didn't do it. That's right- frog. No life line. Just plain ole' pull-the-needle-out frogging. It still makes me light headed to think about it.
Here is the scene at my house last night. Not for the faint of heart. I ended up frogging to about three rows above the hard line, which was an entire day's worth of progress, an entire chart worth. THEN, in the most difficult knitting maneuver of my entire life, I put (hopefully!) 96 stitches of cobweb weight yarn knitted into a random pattern of yarn overs back on the needle. And tinked back three more rows.

Today, on my Good Friday holiday that I took today since I actually worked on Good Friday, I have put about ten rows back on it. That was before I cleaned the kitchen and took a long hot bath. I am still not 1oo% convinced that it was a successful move, since there is still a color difference where I picked up the yarn. Not nearly so bold, true. We shall see how it goes as time and charted rows pass.... I may never get over the trauma!


Kara said...

Oh that is so frustrating! It really is a lovely project regardless.

simple sitter said...

I bow to your patience, and, perhaps your skill at hiding a deeply lurking insanity!

PS - my word is "logrut"... sounds a bit rude!