Sunday, September 5, 2010

Busy little beaver.

Now THAT title should get me some hits! Imagine the disappointment.... :-)

What I mean to refer to is the progress going on here at the nerd household! Last weekend the Maggie-dog helped block the rest of the Lizard Ridge squares! It is so handy to have her around to help blot the moisture from my knitting. Seriously, something about these squares REALLY attracted the dog. I have no idea what it was, but she is in loooove!

And here is the Valentine-kitty showing off the progress I have made for the completed work!
What you see there before you is the entire blanket, one strip sewn together already and the rest stacked in the order that they are to be put together.... It is Saturday afternoon of a long weekend and I have decided to dedicate myself to sewing the rest of this thing together. I need to get moving if it is going to be ready for the fair, since I will still have the edging to knit before it is done, and I am going to have to decide how to pretty up the back. I am considering single crocheting over the seams in black to neaten it up. I know it won't make them disappear, but maybe it will look more finished. We shall see.

And here is what I have had to put aside to be dedicated to the Lizard Ridge:

Artichaut in progress. I am LOVING this project!! Anne Hansen is a genius and combine that with my favorite color in the world and the sublime Malabrigo laceweight.... Heaven! The yarn is so very lofty and soft. I am curious about how it will block. It seems so delicate, which makes me worry about pulling too hard or soaking too long. Oh, well, that concern is a long way off! I have to go sew, sew, sew so I can get back to the knitting!

Hope everyone is having a great long weekend!


Kara said...

Pretty cute that she loves those squares! But I mean they are pretty fun, who could resist?

Laurie said...

Both projects are beautiful...and who can resist such a helpful pupper? :-)