Wednesday, April 23, 2008

All good things come from knitting.

So, all this started from my desire to gather knitters together locally... That seems to be happening slowly, and I am trying to be patient with the process.... BTW, if you are reading this and want to sign up for the group, the link out to it is on the left hand side of your screen! I am also finding, however, that this desire has set into motion a chain of events that so far has been great! To create the Yahoo group, I had to get a Yahoo email address. I decided that since Yahoo is free and my email at the time wasn't, that I would switch. As a result of switching emails, I sent a giant group email to everyone on my address list to let them know about the change. The exciting part is that I have heard from a bunch of people I hadn't talked to in ages! My friends Tamara and Paul crawled out of the woodwork, and Bonnie-baby emailed me for the first time in YEARS! We are going to have coffee soon... Tamara and Paul are out-of-town friends and have nothing to do with my fiber obsession, and yet my reconnect with them comes right out of that! And Bonnie!!! She is local, and I will attempt to lure her to the group! Even if she doesn't want to stitch with us, I am back in touch with one of my favorite friends of the past! Whoopie!

Plus, I have created this blog, which I am enjoying very, very much. It has been a long time since I have focused so clearly on the things that make me happy and excited or really clearly laid out what I was thinking about. That can only be good. :-)

Another great consequence of my push to excite the natives about knitting is that I finally got brave enough to make the effort for a teaching gig at the adult education center. I had given it some thought in the past, but chickened out every time it came time to do something about it.... Now, I figure that the best way to grow a group of knitters is to get newbies knitting! I am very intimidated by the idea of standing in front of students with needles clutched eagerly in their sweaty hands, but I am going to soldier through and do it! It can serve as practice for becoming the art history professor of my dreams.... I have a syllabus and everything! It doesn't start until August and I can hardly wait!! Maybe they will even pay me....

As for my knitting last night, I have only one thing to say: knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, slip marker, knit, knit, knit.....

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Ian said...

I'm glad to see you turning your hobby into a social affair.

And I'm glad to see you blogging. It's a strange thing, having a web site. It can be an extension of an inner self people wouldn't normally see, expressing thoughts too intimate to share in person. And yet, you're communicating to the masses!