Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The historic second post!

That was relatively painless, so here it goes again. First, thanks to my ever supportive Mom for posting a comment so that I don't feel so adrift in the blog universe! You are awesome!

Next, I have added the link for the knitting group, whose meeting is this coming Saturday, so, if you are reading this, join the group!! Look left, intrepid reader! The group is how I will send out announcements about when and where we are meeting. I am hoping to snare some newbies to the group and meet all kinds of new friends. I want to keep adding to the circle until there is a great stitching community in Florence and the surrounding area.... I have a dream.... :-)

On to knitting news, the part you have all been waiting for... I did remember to take my knitting home last night, always a step in the right direction! I worked on the red market bag, however. I am a little concerned that it is not going to felt well because the guage is so tight and small. I think I read somewhere that the guage should be loose to let it move enough in the felting process. Oh, well. Even if it doesn't felt, I have a feeling that it will be sturdy enough to stand on its own as knitted. I am using two worsted strands of Wool of the Andes on size 7 metal needles. It is nice and snug. I have moved on to the part of the bag where I just knit straight up the sides for eight inches. While certainly easy and ultimately rewarding, it is boring the snot out of me. Knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, slip marker, knit, knit, knit, knit.... You get the idea. I am plowing onward, though, in hopes of a truly adorable basket-like bag. I guess if it gets too monotonous I can always work on the lovely olive bag. Or the lovers knot afghan. Or finish the two sweaters I have almost done..... Anyway, I am close to two inches down, six to go, then handles.

I had the alarming idea this morning that I have turned into a Victorian spinster, knitting at home with my mother and my cats... I guess I don't have anything else to say about that, just a moment of horrified silence for the idea.... Shoot me in the head the next time I suggest a doily!

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Jennifer said...

WOW! This thing needs some pictures... I will work on that asap!!