Thursday, April 24, 2008

Knit, knit, knit, knit....

Around four inches done on the red bag. It is shaping up to be very basket-like, which makes me happy. I am at work now, very sincerely wishing I was knitting instead!! Sadly they frown on knitting at the IT help-desk.... I keep trying to tell them of the stress relief benefits of repetitive motion and mindless crafting, but they don't buy it! Sigh.

I am excited and nervous about the group meeting for the first time Saturday.... What will my duties as host/organizer be? Hopefully, it will be like a great, laid-back coffee party where even new people chat and relax. I am going to be teaching some people to knit gradually in these meetings, so even if I get really nervous I will be occupied, I guess! Good practice for the upcoming class!

Unfortunately, we did not win the lottery last night, so I cannot devote myself full time to spreading knitting joy around the area like Johnny Appleseed! I have my fingers crossed for Saturday night!!

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