Monday, April 21, 2008


Ok, here goes post number one. Since I am new to this and not much of a creative writer, you will all have to bear with me! Assuming, of course, that anyone but me is reading this....

My primary reason for creating this blog is for my own amusement and to publicize the knitting group I am trying to get organized in Florence, SC. Surely I am not all alone here in the wilds of South Carolina!! My Yahoo Group is snbFlorenceSC where you can find the calendar of events. Right now, it is just the first meeting on 4-26-2008 at the Barnes & Noble Cafe on the list, but I have high hopes. SO, if you aren't a member already, join the Yahoo group and join us for coffee and stitching! Everyone is welcome.

I left my knitting at work over the weekend... A recipe for madness! Since Vickie was here and she and my mom were knitting away all weekend, I had to start something new. I just could not resist.... So, my beautiful olive cabled purse is just destined to take the rest of my life to knit! I have already ripped out 66 rows and started over, due to the famous handle-hole incident, and now I have fallen in love with a new bag. Ah, the fickle allure of the new project. (The new one is going to be fabulous, though!)

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Karen said...

Hi, everyone! I'm Jennifer's mom, and I can tell you that after aggonizing over tearing out the purse rows, Jennifer's glad she did it The alternative was cutting two holes in the purse after felting (something Vickie and I both urged her not to do!).

By the way, Vickie is my long-time best friend who was visiting me from West Virginia. She's a sock-knitting wizard - made one pair and half of another pair in less than a week while here.

I'm an English teacher and the biggest problem for me with knitting is that I don't want to put it down to grade papers - ever!