Monday, April 28, 2008

Knitting Group Launched!!

It was such a good weekend for knitting!! First, the knitting group met for the first time this weekend. My mom and I were there really early, had my little sign up, all ready to have a meeting. At about 3:15, Melissa showed up. I had never met her, was really glad to finally get to know her... She brought a knitting loom, which I had never seen anyone use before. Man, did that thing go fast!! Brenda got there not too much later and we had her first knitting lesson. She did really well, just needs to leave the yarn in the back! Took a poll of attendees, few though they were, and we decided to meet again next Saturday. I can't wait!

On Sunday, I got my invitation to join Ravelry. I am so excited I can't stand it!! It is AWESOME, may never get any more knitting done because I will be networking about knitting!! It is great to be able to view projects that other people have done from the same patterns as me, to see the wonderful variety that people can bring to the same set of instructions.... And if I have problems, I know there are people who have done the same things I have.

Finished my mom's vintage bubble bag yesterday, too. It's true. She thought it would never happen... And after two years in the knitting bag awaiting the sewing on of handles, who can blame her?? It looks really good, and she has decided I should make one for everyone for Christmas... I want to do other color combinations and leather handles. I may even try my hand at lining this one. I can't help it, I just love knitting bags. Heck, apparently I love knitting red bags!

Found out that the yarn for the kimono should be here today or tomorrow, the website said that it was shipped on the 22nd. I am very, very excited about this one, too. People did BEAUTIFUL versions of this pattern and posted them on Ravely, which makes me eager to start.

Ravelry is just going to feed my knitting obsession, I can tell!

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